How do the weights Fishing

Note: On the photos in the catalog some leads are aesthetically not very smooth, this is due only to the still cold mold, after two three printed begin to come much more smooth and shiny.

They are made with CNC milling machine with thousandth accuracy, 0.001 mm, thanks to these accuracies fused leads are perfectly balanced and concentric. molds are available for many figures of weights are already on the market and new ones, to reach long distances and sealing the bottom, a wide variety of available grammage.

The specific gravity was considered 10,80 Kg / dm³, averaging, as in found objects you are going to melt, type tubes for pipelines, other sinkers Fishing etc ...., there are other metals such as tin, antimony, aluminum, barium, magnesium, etc .. This means that the weights may vary from the weights of 7-8% also etched using the pure lead (weight sp.11,34 Kg / dm³).

We also have a long tail, in 304 stainless steel and stainless wire AISI 315L, please visit the hooks

All our molds are designed to simplify the operations necessary for the fusion.

The preparation of the hooks is simple, just obtain a round nose pliers, wire bending or purchase the specification for the diameter of the wire used to always find here in page hooks.

Cut into 4-5 cm long pieces of wire and then after bending "U" bend both ends,

Place the hooks in the seats of the mold leaving supported centrally and in the seats provided




 Closing the mold with the other half putting it above





 Push in the mold the hooks sending them flush to the wall so that they fit well in the





If does not heat the mold the first or second fusion the weights do not remain very smooth. Usually after the first casting the mold reaches the right temperature and then the weights are beautiful smooth and shiny. On youtube you find also many other instructional videos.

 Put vertically the mold carefully by closed with a small clamp carpentry (cost 2.50 hardware) and pour the molten lead in the cavity to fill.


 after pouring molten lead and leaving almenno solidify for 10-15 seconds, depends on how hot the mold, open and remove the weights, the mold opens easily, almost alone when loosened the clamp.



Com the nippers (cost 4.00) cut the sprue or lead remained in the channel.





 As remains after cutting






And 'enough to flatten a martellatina inventories of the cut and the lead is finished. If you prefer a more aesthetic can also file on the protruding area.





Video provided Quelli della pesca Roma

  Remember to use all necessary precautions appropriate for both your safety and those close, using gloves and anything else needed, as the lead reaches 350-400 degrees for casting, also operate in ambient areggiato, better to 'open, in that the fumes developed are harmful to health.

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