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For shipments to Europe and the rest of the world, we use EXPORTBOX SDA Express Courier, an economic service for shipments up to 30 kg. After adding products to the cart, you can check the cost of shipping by selecting the destination, the costs vary according to weight.

Fast delivery 3-6 days in 200 countries around the world, in addition to the time for customs clearance.
Total traceability from origin to delivery of the package, on site or to the SDA website in RICERCA UNA SPEDIZIONE box by entering the code that you send.

We recommend to indicate a certain number, where the courier will find someone to receive the goods, you can choose the delivery also at your place of work, pointing to different shipment from the place of residence. Delivery will be made by your postal service, in case it was not possible to send You the shipment will be left in storage at the post office nearest you for a time of 10 days.

About conditions refers to what was expressed in the general provision on the SDA Express Courier website at the following link

Your accaunt has also HEADING, where you enter a destination other than your residence, for example. you can also make you deliver the order at the workplace / office, up to 5 different addresses. Once registered, go to the Top of the page on "MY accaunt" and then choose View / Edit annotations directory and add an additional shipping address. If, however, you may choose to pay with PayPal the shipment will be made only to the address specified on the receipt or transaction PayPal. (PayPal rules)

A way also useful for sending a gift to a different recipient by the originator.

During the order you can also choose the Assured shipment always by SDA, as shipments are made "Franco our plant" therefore we are not responsible if the courier lost shipment.

If the shipment is lost by the courier you will be refunded the payment, or there will be a second expedition, inotre also covers damage caused by transport.


If the goods received do not meet the expectations of the customer, the customer can exercise the right of withdrawal within ten days of receipt of product. A necessary condition for the exercise of this right is the substantial integrity of the product. To exercise the right of withdrawal is necessary to send a registered letter with return receipt the address of the company, indicating the event to exercise the right of withdrawal (D.L.G.S. 185/99 of 22 May 1999 implementing the EU Directive 97/07 / EC) and providing:

The personal data (name, first name, address, telephone number, number and holder of the c / c on which make the repayment, ABI and CAB codes of the bank) .The O.M.C. Federici Stefano will have to make a bank transfer to the account number provided within the period set by law. Refund is not including shipping costs actually incurred by us and possibly if any, will be charged the 'amount of the right to a sign or guarantee the dispatch.

Below we show some traking made in the past, we inform you that after two months the codes are deactivated by the carrier and if you go to redo the search with the same numbers might give you no longer exists. If you want to satisfy your confidence, on request by email we provide more recent traking since we ship daily to foreign countries.

 In Lingua Originale:

Per le vendite estere:

Per le spedizioni in Europa e nel resto del mondo, utilizziamo  EXPORTBOX  di SDA Express Courier, un servizio economico per spedizioni fino a 30 kg. Dopo aver aggiunto i prodotti nel carrello è possibile verificare il costo della spedizione selezionando la destinazione, i costi variano in base al peso.

In fase di ordine potrete scegliere anche la spedizione Assicurata sempre tramite corriere SDA, in quanto le spedizioni vengono effettuate "Franco nostro stabilimento" pertanto non siamo responsabili se il corriere smarrisce la spedizione.

Nel caso la spedizione venga smarrita dal corriere sarete rimborsati del pagamento, oppure verrà effettuata una seconda spedizione, inotre copre anche  eventuali danneggiamenti, causati dal trasporto.
Consegna veloce 3-6 giorni in 200 paesi in tutto il mondo, oltre ai tempi per lo sdoganamento.
Tracciabilità totale da partenza a consegna del pacco,  sul sito oppure al sito di SDA nella casella  RICERCA UNA SPEDIZIONE inserendo il codice che vi trasmetteremo

Qui sotto mostriamo alcuni traking effettuati in passato, vi informiamo  che dopo due mesi  i codici vengono disattivati dal corriere e se andate a rifare la ricerca con gli stessi numeri potrebbero darvi non più esistente. Se volete per soddisfare la vostra fiducia, su richiesta per email vi forniamo altri traking recenti dato che spediamo giornalmente verso l'estero.

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