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Will illustrate below a comprehensive guide to buying stories on this ecommerce, if you intend to place an order of the items you have to leave us your information, so you'll want to sign up today! Click here Create your account, sign up! , You need an email address and 7 characters as a password that can be also all the same so you can remember better, Quiet will not tempestiamo email ..

  1. Select an article to your liking by choosing from the categories listed in the Home Page, or proposed by the vertical bar on the left of the menu;
  2. By clicking on the photo you can read more explanations on the product, if I change the number of items you want by changing the default number is set to 1.
  3. Click on the Add button in Cart: at this point you will be asked if Continue shopping - in this case you can choose other items to add to the Shopping Cart as explained in steps 1, 2 and 3 of this list - or whether to proceed with the purchase with checkout to complete the purchase.
  4. Once you click Checkout you will be asked to enter your shipping information if you have not already done earlier by the Cart and then you'll see a summary with the selected articles: Here you can change the quantities (or removed altogether) some products from the order, you can also check the cost of shipping.
  5. If you had already registered on the website in the past, you can simply enter your email address and password - if I had forgotten click on "Forgot your password? Click here to request it! "And follow the instructions that will reach you by email. Otherwise, if it is the first time you make a purchase on this site click here Create your account by entering your email address and all the information you will be requested on the next page for billing and delivery of the order. Remember that your data is safe!
  6. In the Address section you will be shown to confirm the address of the order and the delivery address Billing order that, if necessary, so you will have to change with the Refresh button or Add New Address. For any more details exploits the space reserved for comments;
  7. Automatically selects the Delivery Mode for your shipping area, the delivery is done by courier usually within 3 working days (usually 24-48 hours) throughout Italy, at a minimum cost of 6.50 € including VAT, the cost depends the target areas. Remember that you can also insure your shipment with a low cost of only 3.50 or be previously notified by SMS or telephone notice, these services will find them at the bottom of the list of products TRANSPORT INSURANCE. more info can be found in the Shipping and delivery page, follow the instructions on the pages.
  8. Select the order Payment Method choosing from payment on delivery, ie Cash on delivery with a modest surcharge of EUR 4,00 (only available for the 'Italy), Payment by bank transfer (in this case confirm the order and follow the website instructions), Payment by credit card or PayPal (if you have not PayPal you will be guided to create a FREE account that you can cancel at any time, keeping in mind that PayPal helps protect your credit card while shopping online at no cost), Payment by charging PostePay etc ..
  9. Confirm your order by clicking on the button and within seconds you will receive an email with your order summary you made. A shipment that will be sent to you with a tracking number to follow the movements of real-time products).
  10. For any questions or modification of an order can intervene in the section on orders present in your personal account, which will be recorded one purchase history and you'll have a way to manage your personal information such as passwords and delivery addresses.
  11. If necessary, you can always take advantage of the customer service at send an email to
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